Britain's Got Talent' Magician's Trick Goes Wrong On Live TV

Britain's Got Talent contestant Matt Edwards had a bit of a shocker on today's Good Morning Britain.
Matt, who was Ant and Dec's golden buzzer act, appeared on the show to try to wow hosts Eamonn Holmes, Charlotte Hawkins and Richard Arnold with a new trick, involving superhero cards and a lollipop.
Things started to go wrong almost as soon as he started - Matt pulled out a deck of superhero cards and dropped one on the floor.
Eamonn spotted it straight away, but was quickly shushed by Charlotte, who said: "What if you've just highlighted part of the trick?"
Matt then told her not to worry, adding that it was just an accident, but it would make the trick easier. Well, that's not what we want, is it? Come on, Matt. We want to see the struggle.

Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain
As you can see in the video, Eamonn then chose his card, which Matt told him to show everyone.
But you could quite clearly see over the top of Eamonn's hand...
Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain
Ah. Not ideal. But also, not Matt's fault.
Things went from bad to worse when Charlotte seemed unable to remember what Batman wore. Again, not Matt's fault, but it didn't help matters.
After an excruciating period where Charlotte tried to describe Batman to Matt, we finally get to it. And Matt presents his lollipop, which now looks like Batman.
Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain
Impressive, yeah? Well, someone should tell Eamonn's face that:
Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain
Come on, guys! He's just carved Batman's head with his teeth!
Over on Twitter, people were equally as unimpressed:

Ahh well, can't please 'em all, Matt.
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