Former CIA Director: If Trump Shared Intelligence With Russians He Violated Two Protocols

Former CIA Director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday regarding the investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election.
In addition to calling the Russian interference 'brazen," the former director answered questions regarding the reports that President Donald Trump shared classified information with Russian leaders during a meeting in the Oval Office earlier this month.
Brennan testified that the U.S. routinely shares classified information with Russia on issues revolving around terrorism; however, the information that is shared goes through a detailed process before it is “releasable” to another country.
“I don't know what was shared or said in the Oval Office, but if the reports in the press are true that Mr. Trump decided to spontaneously share some intelligence with the Russians, I think he would have basically violated two protocols,” Brennan said. He continued:
"Those two protocols are one, is that such intelligence, classified intelligence, is not shared with visiting foreign ministers or local ambassadors. It is shared through intelligence channels because it needs to be handled the right way, and it needs to be sure it is not exposed. He didn't do that, again, if the press charges are accurate.
Secondly, before sharing any classified intelligence with foreign partners, it needs to go back to the originating agency to make sure that the language in it is not, even just providing a substance, going to reveal source methods and compromise the future collection capability."
Brennen expanded his answer saying, “It appears, at least from the press reports, that neither did it go in the proper channels nor did the originating agency have the opportunity to clear language for it. So that is a problem.”
Brennan also testified that he finds the leaking of classified information to the press to be appalling and that the leakers need to be “tracked down.” Additionally, Brennan said that even though the 2016 election has concluded, the Russians are still “actively exploit what is going on in Washington to their benefit and to our detriment.”
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