Pleasure doing business with you! New survey finds 22 per cent of Australian men and women have more than ELEVEN sex toys each

Online sex toy retailer Love Honey surveyed over 1,000 Australians 
  • The survey was conducted for National Masturbation month this May
  • 22 per cent of Australian's have more than 11 sex toys and women buy the most
  • Rabbit vibrators are the favourite, participants said masturbation lasts longer
  • Research recently found that Australian women are buying more sex toys than men. 
    But just how many toys is the average Aussie buying? 
    In a survey commissioned by online sex toy retailer, Love Honey, it found that of the 715 men and 472 women, 22 per cent of them own more than 11 sex toys.

         Online sex toy retailer, Love Honey, surveyed 1,212 Australian men and women for National Masturbation month this May (stock image)

         2 per cent of Australian's have more than 11 sex toys and women buy the most (stock image)

    just over half of Australians own more than five sex toys and about two per cent of us have never bought one at all.  
    The most favored of the lot was a rabbit vibrator, taking out first place, followed by bullet vibrators.
    Dildos came in at third place for favourite sex toy.

         The most favored sex toy was a rabbit vibrator,  followed by bullet vibrators (stock image)

         The benefits of masturbation are lengthy, ranging from stress-relief to helping prevent urinary tract infections (stock image)

    The results also found 64 percent of participants prefer solo sex with sex toys.
    Women are more inclined to use sex toys than men, with 40 per cent of women stating masturbation lasts longer with one.  
    Researchers at the University of Sydney found that self-pleasuring can prevent cystitis, diabetes and even prostate cancer.
    They found that 94 per cent of men admit to masturbating, as do 85 per cent of women - and that it's something even babies do from the time they are in the womb.  

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