Girls Admits On Television She's Not Very Sexual With Her Boyfriend

For any 'other half' finding out your partner doesn't enjoy sex with you must be humiliating. Now think of the humiliation when that confession is aired on television.
Poor Louis was the subject of such embarrassment when his girlfriend (if she still remains that way, we're yet to find out), Aida, admitted that she's not a fan of the sex.

The couple featured on Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan's new show, Your Face Or Mine, as couple's put to the test just how well they know each other.
However, Louis may soon regret agreeing to go on the show as Aida awkwardly admitted that she doesn't particularly enjoy the bedroom antics.

Aida then added another nail to the coffin by saying: "I think a lot of girls feel like they have to please their boyfriends whereas I literally couldn't care less."
Louis did his best to laugh it all off, and soon go his revenge when talking about how attractive Aida's friend, Amelia, is.
But even that minor victory was short lived as Aida said: "I'm not jealous Amelia. Also, she's out of his league."
Poor Louis, he's taking a right battering on this show. And as if it couldn't get any worse, the show then brought out MC Harvey, from so Solid Crew - Aida's high school crush.

She told Jimmy and Katherine how he would 'get it', with comedian Carr responding with 'only about twice a week by the sounds of it'.
"That's one more than Louis," joked Aida. Incredible.
The pair may have left the stage in good spirits, but Louis will be feeling pretty low.
The show, which originally aired in 2003 and has now been brought back by Comedy Central, looks set to be a great cringeworthy watch.
Only a couple of weeks ago, LADbible told you the story of a girl who admitted that she fancies her boyfriend's brother.
So toe-curling.
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