How to Easily Add Two Blogs to a Single WordPress Site

A couple of years ago I wrote a post on this and has been one of my most visited posts on BobWP with over 300 comments. Although it was timeless, I figured an updated post was due.
If you have already created a blog, or are thinking of one, you may find yourself with  a couple of topics or more that would fit better on a separate blog within your single site.  They are just different enough but not so unrelated that they warrant their own site and WordPress installation.
This is actually very simple when using categories and your custom menus in WordPress. You can categorize certain posts and create buttons in your navigation bar to give your readers the illusion that they are two separate blogs. In this video I will show you how.

Video Tips

Here are a few tips I suggested in the video:

Custom Menu Widget

When creating your two blogs, take advantage of listing them in the sidebar of any widget area using the Custom Menu widget.

Custom Sidebars

If you are creating the illusion of two blogs, you may also want to customize the sidebars for the separate blogs.
Example: You have categories on nature photography and a blog on urban photography that you have used to create the two blogs on your site. You might want to have only the recent posts from that category show up on that specific archive page and single posts. The same for the other category.
Example 2: You have a book you sell on the two types of photography you do and would like those highlighted only in the sidebar for each specific category.
In these cases you would add a custom sidebar widget. Plugins for doing this are:
Jetpack Widget  – you can learn more about this post.
Genesis Simple Sidebars – if you are using the Genesis theme or a child theme, this post will show you how to do this easily.
WooSidebars – this plugin works with a lot of themes beside WooThemes. You can learn more about it in this post.
Widget Logic – this plugin uses logic and can be a bit complicated for the average user. You can check it out on WordPress.org.

Customizing Your Blog Page Layout

If you are looking for something different besides the typical blog page of listed posts, you might want to check out the Conductor plugin that allows you to create custom layouts easily, such as grids or a Pinterest style layout. If you are looking for a page builder to create even more detailed, custom pages check out the Beaver Builder.


As I mentioned, any theme will be able to do this. I recommend the Genesis framework and child themes their homepages make it easier to organize your content and blogs with an entirely widget based homepage.

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