Results of a recent survey into the project management industry reveals a significant gender gap in the industry with men in senior positions outnumbering women by four to one. From ILX Group Managing Director, Russell Kenrick.
During December 2016 and January 2017, ILX Group ran a survey to gauge the current state of the project management industry. The results obtained show an even balance of men and women in the industry at a junior level followed by a sharp decline in the number of women remaining in the profession after 10 years. Coupled with the fact that 94 percent of the survey respondents said that a lack of experienced candidates was an issue when recruiting, and it would seem that the project management industry has some serious work to do on improving the recruitment and retention of senior level female staff.
“There is no quick fix to this kind of issue,” ILX Group Managing Director, Russell Kenrick, says; “we believe that the best way to ensure that both men and women stay in the profession for as long as possible is through ongoing professional development, coupled with career progression planning.” ILX Recruitment MD, Chris Jones, adds; “this is a vitally important issue, the success of any organisation hinges on the skills of its staff and unless we are able to keep more women in project management the industry will continue to miss out on talented and highly skilled staff.”
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