The best of summer TV: From Game of Thrones to Poldark, there's something for everyone this year Summer is known for producing blockbusters on the silver screen, but the small screen has plenty of its own gems, too

If there's one thing you can count on from a British summer, it's the weather...to be awful.
And when the inevitable rainy nights arrive, you might as well batten down the hatches and curl up in front of the TV.
The good news is that there's plenty to look forward to.
Whether you're a sci-fi nut or addicted to talent shows, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding your TV jam among this summer's programme.
Here, we're offering a sneak peek at this summer's top TV shows...

Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic, July

The Knight King returns in everybody's favourite swords and sorcery extravaganza 
There is no point even trying to explain what has gone on before and what might happen in this, the first part of the penultimate series.
Winter is still coming but was there ever a time when it wasn’t?
The trailer released this week reveals that Daenerys is still intent on world domination, while Ellaria and Yara seem to be embarking on the show’s first proper lesbian relationship (that wasn’t in a brothel).
The trailer also shows a withered arm reaching through a hatch – could it belong to Jorah, back from his hunt for a cure for greyscale?
And don’t forget Jon Snow is now King of the North.

Poldark, BBC1, June

Will he strip AGAIN? Poldark is back 
There’s a sea of new faces as Poldark returns, with none so battered looking as Tholly Tregirls, played by Sean Gilder.
With a slash across one eye and a hook for a hand, he looks to have stepped out of Pirates of the Caribbean. The old pal of Ross’s dad is back after a 13-year absence to see how the Poldarks are faring.
They were quite well, Tholly – until you turned up. Also new is Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse), a toff with a soft spot for Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson, right).

The Loch, ITV, June

Laura Fraser and Siobhan Finneran star in The Loch 
Laura Fraser (The Missing) stars alongside Downton’s Siobhan Finneran in The Loch, a serial killer thriller set in the Highlands.
Fraser, on the left above, plays detective Annie Redford, who is plunged into her first murder case when a man’s body and then a heart are found near iconic Loch Ness. Finneran is a cop sent from Glasgow to help.
For centuries the loch has had its monster myth – but this is a real mystery.

Riviera, Sky Atlantic, June

Remember Julia Stiles from 10 Things I Hate About You? She's about to brighten up your TV screen in Riviera 
It’s billed as a story about the genuinely filthy rich, set in the sun-soaked French Riviera – with quite a lot of art, sex and murder along the way.
Julia Stiles plays Georgina Clios, the second wife of a billionaire art dealer, who dies on the yacht of a Russian arms dealer.
But hang on a second, turns out he wasn’t as squeaky clean as she’d thought during their one year of marriage and actually he was up to his neck in drugs and deceit.
Could it be that he was murdered for his money? Er, yes it could.
The 10-part thriller exposes the darker side of the posh spot’s famous glitz and glamour.

The Voice Kids, ITV, June

The Voice Kids is looking for the stars of the future 
Move over, adults, it’s time for the children to have a go at getting those famous red chairs to spin.
The format has proved a hit in other countries and the UK version will still have will.i.am as a coach, along with Pixie Lott and McFly’s Danny Jones, left, with Emma Willis as host.
As the kids find out that playtime is over, Danny gets goosebumps while Will is seriously impressed. “You sung the hell out of that,” he tells one contestant. “This is big time.”
But will they find a star of the future?

Ackley Bridge, Channel 4, June

Ackley Bridge is packed full of warmth and humour 
In the first 8pm C4 drama since Brookside, two local schools close and a new academy opens.
Set in Yorkshire and starring former EastEnders Jo Joyner and Paul Nicholls, the school is financed by a local businessman and has a brief to cater for both the area’s Asian and white communities.
Things get off to a tricky start when best friends and next door neighbours Missy and Jaz fall out so badly they have a playground scrap.
A scene has been axed from the first episode as it showed a boy turning up wearing a fake suicide vest.
Elsewhere, the show mis full of warmth and humour and is well worth a watch.

Star Trek: Discovery, Netflix

Trekkies delight! Star Trek: Discovery is released this summer 
This series will boldly go where no other spin-off has gone before and centre on the ship’s First Officer instead of the captain.
Set 10 years before Captain Kirk’s day, the central character is First Officer of the USS Discovery, Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, 32.
She was Sasha in The Walking Dead – so the Klingons must be shaking in their space boots.

Top of the Lake: China Girl, BBC2, July

Top Of The Lake: China Girl looks even better than the first instalment 
Last time around, Jane Campion’s odd crime mystery Top of the Lake won all sorts of acclaim.
This time the plot picks up four years on, when the body of an Asian girl is discovered on Sydney’s Bondi Beach.
It’s down to Detective Robin Griffin – played by Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss – to find out just what’s going on.
Fresh from her stint as a glamorous, abused wife in Big Little Things, Nicole Kidman, left, co-stars as the hippyish adoptive mother of the daughter Robin gave up after being raped as a teenager.
At a screening in Cannes, the show got a standing ovation. Bodes well.

Fearless, ITV, June

Helen McCrory is the star of the show in Fearless, which also features comic John Bishop in an acting role 
Helen McCrory plays damaged, chain-smoking, leather jacket-wearing human rights lawyer Emma Banville, who loves to take on lost causes.
Her latest one is a man who has already served 14 years for the murder of a schoolgirl.
Quite quickly, she establishes that it wasn’t him. But no one thanks her for it and, of course, if he didn’t do it, who did?
Look out for comic John Bishop as Emma’s boyfriend.

Trust Me, BBC1, summer

Fresh from the success of Broadchurch, Jodie Whittaker stars in Trust Me 
If you enjoyed Broadchurch, you may be interested in seeing Beth Latimer actress Jodie Whittaker starring in this four-part thriller.
Jodie, 35, right, plays Cath Hardacre, a nurse who steals her doctor friend’s identity and runs away to start afresh.
Her ex, Karl, played by Blake Harrison, 31, may have lost his job and hit the bottle, but he won’t lose his family without a fight.
Set in Scotland, Sharon Small, 50, plays the consultant who fails to notice Cath is pretending to be a doctor. That could be because she’s got a drink problem too. However will it all end?

Gypsy, Netflix, June

Gypsy sees Naomi Watts in bad-girl mode as therapist Jean Halloway 
This might have a few viewers reaching for the smelling salts...
Gypsy, made by Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson, is a “psycho-sexual thriller”.
Naomi Watts is in bad-girl mode as Manhattan therapist Jean Halloway, right, who starts meddling in the affairs of her clients - developing illicit relationships with the people in her patients’ lives... which is very much against the rules.
Apparently, Jean descends into a world where “the forces of desire and reality are disastrously at odds”. Gosh.
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