Mother hen uses her body to protect chicks from the wet weather

  • The mother hen was pictured standing in the street in Visakhapatnam, India 
  • Adorable footage of her sheltering her chicks was circulated widely online 
  • At least five young birds can be seen sheltering from the storm under her wings 
This is the adorable moment a doting mother hen uses her wings to shield her babies from the rain in India.
Footage widely circulated online shows the dedicated mother standing in the middle of the street in Visakhapatnam, India, with several young chicks huddled beneath her enormous wingspan.
At least five young birds can be seen cowering under her body as the rain lashes down all around her.
Despite the storm, however, the mother seems to be impervious to the rain as she stands in the middle of the road instead of running for cover.
The person who shot the film said: 'This video was taken at a local fish market when there was heavy rain, we can see mother’s love in the natures way. A hen protecting its chicks in heavy rain.'
The heartwarming clip has proved extremely popular online, being up-voted over 50,000 times on Reddit already.  
One person commented: 'Some animals are better parents than humans.'
Another said: 'So adorable, just wished the owner would have them under cover as they did with whatever is underneath that green tarp.'
A third person added: 'Perhaps one day, they’ll understand all the sacrifices she gladly made out of live for them.'

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